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grimlock is a growing dinobot - my toys are alive 13

This is the 13th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!

All that candy can’t be good for Grimlock! But maybe it isn’t bad, either. This comic was made and posted originally a few days after Christmas 2011, hence the tiny Christmas trees and the candy. Grimlock is always looking for candy in my apartment and usually just takes a tiny nibble or so before Prowl or someone else stops him, but this time he gets to consume an entire overflowing jar.

But is there something special in that jar of candy? Why is it labeled ‘Do not eat!’? Hmm!

grimlock is a growing dinobot - my toys are alive 13 transformers fan comics featuring dinobot grimlock candy and prowl

Hope you enjoyed the comic!


Post-comic notes:

Hasbro Masterpiece Grimlock was gifted to me by a very good friend during my birthday in 2010. He is a huge Grimlock fan, and the only Transformers toys he collects are anything Grimlock-related. I can’t exactly remember when it was, but for sometime he wasn’t having any luck finding a Titanium War Within Grimlock, and I got it for him on his birthday.

He often asked me why I wouldn’t buy the Masterpiece Grimlock, and I would say that only Optimus Prime is allowed to be “the big guy” among my bots. I guess he got tired of trying to convince me to buy one for myself and got me one himself as “payback” for me finding him a War Within Grimlock. :-P

Anyway, I thought that evolving my old Hasbro deluxe-sized Grimlock to the Masterpiece one would be a good move for the comic. G1 godzilla-like Grimlock looks more amusing than the Hasbro/Takara deluxe-sized one.

Oh, and this is now the last of the My Toys are Alive replays! It will be all new comics and stories from now on, though I may still post up old 1-panel oldies as I find them in my files. My toys have piled up since then (ouch, my wallet…) and boy, can they get unruly when they aren’t being featured or photographed.

I’ve also decided that there will be more than just stories and comics in this blog. I may just post up toy picture features or unboxings once in a while when things in my life get too busy.


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