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the 2012 holiday greeting cards

Work has been kicking my ass these past few months - I have never been as busy in my job as I have been these recent times! But I really wanted to get some cards printed out to mail to friends this year. I keep wanting to do it every year, but something almost always comes up. Somehow, I got the motivation this year to really, really do it. Even if I practically have no free time.Not sure how that works out for my brain and motivation, but hey, here we are. Two sleepless nights of setups and picture-taking, and a few trips to various printers to find one that printed decently and was open during hours when I could actually be around, and here is the result:The subjects are a mix of Transformers, Avengers and Minecraft. Plus Deadpool, who was a last-minute inclusion because he just happened to be there. I'm slightly disappointed in myself for not having one with DC Superheroes minifigs. Maybe next year.One of my friends remarked, "Who sends cards these days?"  Hah! I love…

a tiny trooper story

The little Stormtrooper in my minifig collection was getting anxious about being cooped up in my apartment all the time. He begged to come with me to the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention.He went on his merry little way for the most part, but asked to have his picture taken when we both found the Star Wars booth.Here he is with a TIE Pilot.And of course, he couldn't resist a picture with a life-size version of him. "I feel so small," he said.We spent an entire afternoon looking at things at the convention, but it was fairly crowded and hot (both inside and outside the convention center) and I wasn't feeling well, plus I hadn't eaten yet that day so we decided to stop by a café for some "afternoon breakfast".Here he is checking out our window table. Thankfully the window shades were pulled down so the blaring sun from outside wasn't burning us.I ordered a cold glass of apple cider. He wasn't allowed to drink from my cider, but he at lea…

bumblebee away from home (again)

I'm not sure why, but my henkei Bumblebee seems to always find himself stowed away in my backpack when I manage to travel somewhere.This one was when I went to the Philippines for a friend's wedding. It was in a resort-like place with a beach and a swimming pool.So, while I was away doing random wedding-y things, Bee woke up, and decided to do his usual waking up things. Even in unfamiliar surroundings.But since it was quite the walk to get there, he waited until I got back and hitched a ride in my pouch. I guess he really likes riding in my bags? I dunno.The wedding color theme was yellow. Someone thought that maybe Bee might've been part of the bridal entourage.He managed to escape bridal duties, but being bright and yellow and most importantly, being a TOY kind of attracted one of the kids in attendance. Poor bee.It took a little while before the kid finally found something else more interesting. Bee probably got sand in all sorts of different parts of his body, so he d…

grimlock is a growing dinobot - my toys are alive 13

This is the 13th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!All that candy can’t be good for Grimlock! But maybe it isn’t bad, either. This comic was made and posted originally a few days after Christmas 2011, hence the tiny Christmas trees and the candy. Grimlock is always looking for candy in my apartment and usually just takes a tiny nibble or so before Prowl or someone else stops him, but this time he gets to consume an entire overflowing jar.But is there something special in that jar of candy? Why is it labeled ‘Do not eat!’? Hmm!Hope you enjoyed the comic!---Post-comic notes:Hasbro Masterpiece Grimlock was gifted to me by a very good friend during my birthday in 2010. He is a huge Grimlock fan, and the only Transformers toys he collects are anything Grimlock-related. I can’t exactly remember when it was, but for sometime he wasn’t having any luck finding a Titanium War Within Grimlock, and I got it for him on his birthday.He often asked me why I wouldn’t buy the Masterpie…

fun with a personal bat signal

On my second viewing of The Dark Knight Rises (awesome movie, by the way!), the cinema was selling a popcorn and soda combo that came with a projector pen. Yes, I am well aware that cinema popcorn is highway robbery in disguise. But I like my movie munchies, so there. :P Anyway, about that projector pen -- I thought it would just be a random pen with a flashlight on one end, and the writing tip on the either, except that since this is a TDKR promo, it would have a Batman logo on the side.When I got home and tried the flashlight out, it projected a Dark Knight Rises Bat logo! Freaking awesome! I now have a personal mini bat signal. :D Woot!Batman and Robin were more than willing to pose with the new toy.Here’s Batman with a solo, err, trio shot of bats.Even Catwoman wanted in on the action. Something about black also being her color, and loving shadows and being adaptable. Yeah, something like that.She actually wanted her close-up picture featured instead, but she was in a frantic hurr…

primed double blasters - my toys are alive 12

This is the 12th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!I love the Transformers Device Label series – real gadgets that look and transform into a Transformers counterpart. This comic features Device Label Broadblast (aka Blaster), as well as World’s Smallest Transformers Blaster.And here, we see a little bit of what maintaining the long distance relationship between Optimus Prime and Elita-1 is like.If you’re interested in seeing a few more pictures of Device Label Broad Blast, check out our small album of pics in our Facebook page, with special guest appearance from Device Label Ravage! :D

bumblebee’s hotel room journal - my toys are alive 11

This is the 11th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!Bumblebee ended up traveling with me when I went on a short trip overseas. He was happy to stay in the hotel though.

these avengers are such hams

So I may or may not have watched The Avengers movie at the cinemas about 8 times in total. Of course, I had to take them home!They have yet to meet the rest of the gang in the apartment but they saw my wallpaper on the computer and wanted their pictures taken with their likenesses. I wonder how they’ll fit in with the rest of the minifig crew?Anyway, here they are. First up, Ironman, who quite possibly has the most dramatic pose of the bunch:Now for Black Widow. She doesn’t come with pistols of her own but we found some for her to use from my little minifig parts box. I was kind of hoping her hair would be shorter and redder.Look, it’s the Captain!And here’s Hawkeye. I kind of wished they made a minifig accessory for his quiver. You don’t see it in the picture, but it’s just painted onto his back. A nice touch but an accessory quiver would have been heaps cooler.The Hulk doesn’t suit up.And here’s Thor.Lastly, it’s the villain guy Loki!I really really really enjoyed the movie, and wit…

autobot post-xmas party - my toys are alive 10

This is the 10th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive! The Autobots are always looking for an excuse to party, and since the apartment-dweller usually celebrates in some way during the christmas day itself, they postpone their merrymaking to after the holiday. They do not compromise on their enjoyment, though! And of course, the Decepticons get jealous. Note: This comic was originally released post-Christmas holiday period! Don’t worry, we aren’t into the habit of making Christmas-topic thingos in the middle of the year. O.o Enjoy!

duel for the cupcakes - my toys are alive 09

This is the 9th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!Despite the seeming truce that has been happening for a while in my apartment (apart from the pranks), where there are Decepticons and Autobots, there must be conflict. And ESPECIALLY when items of sugar sweetness are involved.Megatron finally decides to challenge Optimus to a duel for the cupcakes, invoking Cybertronian traditions. Does anyone remember that episode in the Generation 1 cartoons? Unfortunately for Megatron, he hadn’t realised which model of Optimus exists in my apartment world, and which form he himself has.Enjoy! :-)

two good two be true - my toys are alive 08

This is the 8th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!Megatron has finally hooked up with his favorite Decepticon ever -- Soundwave. And discovers that he can have TWO for the price of one! He is happy! But for how long? If there can be TWO Soundwaves, there can also be TWO of the other "significant Decepticon" in his life! And I don’t mean Ravage. ;-)Important note: this comic was created before the events of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Keep this in mind for Panel 22. :-PEnjoy!

pranked - my toys are alive 07

This is the 6th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!There may be a bit of a truce in my toy world between Autobots and Decepticons, but that doesn’t stop them from playing pranks on each other!I’m not quite sure where the concept of Sideswipe and Sunstreaker being mischief-makers came from, but I kind of like it. I love the somewhat-cheesy G1 personalities that some of the bots have.Enjoy!

jazzing things up - my toys are alive 06

This is the 5th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!Binaltech Jazz comes in to explain the presence of Optimash Prime. Too bad Grimlock wasn’t around for the explanation, though. And also in this comic – the Decepticon leader finally shows up. Will this mean the end of the Autobot-Decepticon somewhat-truce in, ahem, “Quelworld”? Find out in upcoming episodes! :-)You can click the mini version below to see the larger, more readable version. Enjoy!

seekers and ye shall prime - my toys are alive 05

This is the 5th comic from my old comic series, My Toys are Alive!It’s one of my favorites because I shot a lot of frames for it, and I got to use Mr. Potato Head Prime! :-DIn this comic, the Seekers have arrived at Quelworld. Okay, that’s not what I really call my apartment but uh,yeah, let’s call it that. I hope you have as much fun reading this comic as much as I had making it!You can click the mini version below to see the larger, more readable version. Enjoy!

taking pics inside the cybertron con 2012 convention grounds

After a bit of having fun outside the con grounds, and a short queue, we finally made our way in! Optimus saw a big paingint of himself on the wall and went straight there to take a picture.A picture of me in front of me, please? No, please don't say Primeception.Wow, look at all these awesome toy displays!  Hey there!Teehee, he has his name tattooed across his chest. Optimus, you're so silly sometimes.Hey, is that truck supposed to be my alt mode?"Whooooa! Check out the 22-foot tall Optimus Prime behind us with the shining optics! He's freakin' huge! "And that was it for my little buddies. They got a little exhausted and didn't really want to head off on their own as the crowds were swelling so they just hid in my bag for the rest of the day.I wonder where Cybertron Con will be next year?