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these avengers are such hams

So I may or may not have watched The Avengers movie at the cinemas about 8 times in total. Of course, I had to take them home!

They have yet to meet the rest of the gang in the apartment but they saw my wallpaper on the computer and wanted their pictures taken with their likenesses. I wonder how they’ll fit in with the rest of the minifig crew?

Anyway, here they are. First up, Ironman, who quite possibly has the most dramatic pose of the bunch:

Ironman Avengers Minifig Lego

Now for Black Widow. She doesn’t come with pistols of her own but we found some for her to use from my little minifig parts box. I was kind of hoping her hair would be shorter and redder.

Black Widow Avengers Minifig Lego

Look, it’s the Captain!

Captain America Avengers Minifig Lego

And here’s Hawkeye. I kind of wished they made a minifig accessory for his quiver. You don’t see it in the picture, but it’s just painted onto his back. A nice touch but an accessory quiver would have been heaps cooler.

Hawkeye Avengers Minifig Lego

The Hulk doesn’t suit up.

Hulk Avengers Minifig Lego

And here’s Thor.

Thor Avengers Minifig Lego

Lastly, it’s the villain guy Loki!

Loki Avengers Minifig Lego

I really really really enjoyed the movie, and with Internet speculation about Loki’s actions in the movie and ultimate motives, all hinged on the fact that Joss Whedon is an amazing story-teller, I am really looking forward to the future Avengers films.


  1. OMG, they have Avengers Lego minifigs??? I must have! Wow, I thought my watching it 3 times was bad :) I have to say Quelynn, this is an awesome blog. Transformers and Lego? You are one cool dude!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! :) I love the movie so much, it's easy to watch again and again, and I think when it comes out officially for home viewing, I'll watch it even more. ;D Btw, I hear megabloks will be coming out with Warcraft lego in the near future!

  3. It's true! I have seen the pics and they don't look as good as I would hope.


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