There are some amazing toy picture/story blogs and photographers out there!

Absolutely one of the most adorable photostory blogs out there. And definitely one of the greatest inspirations for me in finally getting this blog out the door.

The #ToyTuesday and #ToyAdventures photograpy themes on google plus
These are curated by +Lars Clausen and +David Kaiser, respectively, and there are some beautiful toy-related pictures being shared via those tags.

Pixel Fantasies
I don't know why I only discovered this recently, but I'm glad I did. I love how he has only 1 constant character (a british guard-looking minifig) in many different contexts.

Little People
This one takes a "tiny scene" and then takes a further-out picture to illustrate how extremely tiny it is and to give it even more context. Sometimes I wonder if there aren't actually people that are really just that tiny!

Kalexanderson's Flickr Photostream and Stormtroopers 365
Because Stormtroopers of any shape and size in toy form is always amusing in different contexts. :-)

I'm going to be adding more to this list as I go along! I'm always looking for new sites to follow. Do you have one? Let me know in the comments section below!

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