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optimus takes a tour of my workplace

Little Kreon Optimus came with me to work today, and he went off and toured the office while I did my day's worth of work tasks.

But first, he had to check out Mister Clockwork’s little working corner on top of my monitor. Mister Clockwork doesn’t like being disturbed though, so he promptly shooed Optimus away.

Do you mind?! - Mister Clockwork Robot to Kreon Optimus Prime


And so he took a tour of the aisles.

Kreon Optimus Prime with a minifig camera accessory


And snapped photos of my Minecraft Creeper head and Nyan Cat fused beads.

Kreon Optimus Prime taking a picture of Creeper and Nyan Cat


And then went nuts.

Kreon Optimus Prime Goes Nuts


And then when it was lunchtime, Optimus took pictures of my lunch. Just because it was something humans did.

Kreon Optimus Prime taking a picture of food

He then powered down or the rest of the workday.


  1. LOL the pictures of your lunch. Classic :)

  2. Everyone's a food photographer these days ;D (especially Asians like me, I've been told... gah)


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